Happy Halloween :E

April 4, 2008

It’s been 1 month 1 week since my first visit to the orthodontist (where I’m suppose to get my braces fixed after 5 years of waiting)

During the first visit, Dr. R checked my teeth, the formation and took moulds with some green/blueish stuff that looked like clay, and another one was to see how big the gap was between my upper and lower row of teeth. That was using some red pinkish stuff that looked like chewy wax. Ha ha.

Before the 2nd visit, I’m suppose to do scaling (remove plaque / stains from teeth) and get some x-rays.

And with that, I’ve decided to post up the silly x-ray pic of my teeth. It’s kinda like a 180 degree view from left to right..







ready ??





OKay, i DO have 32 teeth and my wisdom teeth are all out although not at the perfect position.. But the gap.. man… the DAMN GAP …… (that squarish whitish thingy is the thing I was suppose to bite at while the x-ray machine moves around my head. It’s not candy)


2 Responses to “Happy Halloween :E”

  1. frank Says:

    Is it me or does it looks like a skull. I don’t understand the x-ray?

  2. Swee Says:

    its a flattened image from left to right side of the face.. so technically it’s not a front view thingy..

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