been doing nothing ?

May 7, 2008

It’s May. Yes. which means it’s My Birth-Month. HAHAHA. Anyway I just spent like a gazzilion on books. Even more than clothes (but actually I hardly spend on clothes anyway because my job does not require me to wear cantik cantik, plus, I have a uniform. so. )

Okay. So back to, May. Seriously my life is so boring that I can’t recall any interesting things that have happened after Chinese New Year. Okay, maybe a few major office-drama-politic. But other than that, I pretty much STILL am doing the same thing day in day out. STILL hanging out with the same friends, actually only see them once every month. And, yeah. It’s so official, I lead a boring life. So boring that I want to do so many things

1. Sign up for Japanese language course. Tomorrow I’m gonna do it. Classes commences, in say 1 or 2 weeks time. Hopefully, there are interesting people to meet there.

2. PLEASE do my freaking braces. I cannot wait so long lah I’m 2x years old. Not 16!!! I guess that’s the price to pay for paying only 10% of what the private clinics are selling. Okay, actually, I would still wait and pay only RM 700 than pay RM 7000 loh.. Just a few more months wouldnt hurt.

3. I need holidays. Went to Singapore last month, just 1 1/2 days to be exact. Nothing much to explore because didn’t have much time. But I SO WANT TO GO Bangkok and stay at Phranakorn Nornlen Hotel and Gemia Island in Terrenganu.

Phranakorn Nornlen Hotel

4. Because my life revolves around the cycle of, eating-working-sleeping-driving. I’ve gained weight lah !!! T_T time to go back to gym.

5. Oh, I want to plant a tree too.


awesome !!!! <3<3

April 16, 2008

so nice!

super teeth

April 7, 2008

good news and bad news during today’s visit to the orthodontist.

Bad news first. I most likely have to make one of the biggest decision in my life. In order to fix my ‘open bite’ problem, I would most likely have to commit to 3 years of pain. Bonus, a surgery might be is needed. From the discussion (or rather check-up), I would need to do a 6-9 months of braces, then a surgery which would cause me to have a swollen jaw for the next x months, then another 6-9 months of braces, then only I would get super teeth!

second option, is just to have braces, but the ‘open bite’ wouldnt be resolved…. So ………what’s the point right?

what should I do ?? I’m thinking to just go ahead with the first option because, hey, I think I’ve had enough of bad teeth, so if I want to have pretty teeth, here’s the sacrifice. (I’m really envious of people with straight teeth ok) But another side of me goes like.. wtf I’m not 15 years old leh.. 3 years sounds like a pretty loooong time. Plus, there’s A SURGICAL PROCEDURE. which by all means, I would most likely look different after 3 years. Well, if it’s for the better, why not right ?? tsk tsk

Man, I have 3 weeks to think whilst the doctors come up with (hopefully) another solution or option for me to choose…

On the better side, hey, my dentist is the best there (as per my friend) and there’s ALSO another attending dentist who’s kinda cute. HA HA and he speaks English !! My BM sucks okay. during my first visit I was thinking so hard on how to talk in BM that it’s kinda embarrassing.